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Shahryar Rumi - Fereydoun Farrokhzad

Persian pop artist Shahryar Rumi’s was born in Tehran and his love for the arts does not stop with music. His interest in architectural monuments resulted in his degree in architectural design and business in Miami, Florida. Throughout this era, Shahryar never took his eyes off his inner passion, music. In 2002 Shahryar signed a contract with one of the most respected songwriters and producers of Persian pop music Hassan Shamaizadeh and has found his place in the Persian music industry. Continuing to produce many successful albums, his concert series has touched the hearts of millions of people from all walks of life. Shahryar was introduced to Producer/Director Roy Sartipi and has started production on his first film Silver Carnation.


Wilma Elles - Ania

Wilma Elles is an award-winning German actress known in more than 70 countries for her role in the record-breaking TV series Öyle bir gecer zaman ki (As Time Goes By).  Wilma landed the lead role as Caroline, despite not knowing Turkish at that time, yet she outshined 800 actresses while learning her lines phonetically. Wilma has appeared in dozens of films and has won twenty-one awards as Best Actress, including the European Quality Award and the World Consumer Award.


Toktam Aboozary - Forough Farrokhzad

Toktam Aboozary is an Iranian actress currently living in Los Angeles. Early in life she moved to India to support a charitable cause, but her love for acting brought her back to Los Angeles where she is currently working on several productions including the films Free Byrd, Aylan Baby, and Breath Control.

Afshin Katanchi 2.jpg

Afshin Katanchi

Born in Tehran, young Afshin Katanchi had a love for theater. Despite opposition from his family he began performing in theaters and was soon considered one of the top actors in Iranian theater. His passion was so deep, he set forth until he began a successful career in Iranian film and television to include Hamsafaran, Memonbal day's, Shamsi va madam, Nowroozi stories, Zaman shouridegi, Hoosh-e Siah and Anar.

Ghazaleh Memar.jpg

Ghazaleh Memar - Taraneh

We are excited to introduce Ghazaleh Memar. Ghazaleh is a very talented actress, an upcoming new Persian star and a new fresh face to the big screen. She was handpicked out of over one hundred candidates for the role of Taraneh.

Milad Delon.jpg

Milad Dylan - Essie

Milad is an Iranian/American actor, director, writer, and singer with a degree in acting and directing from the Cinema Institute of Iran. Milad started his acting career professionally at the age of 13 when he was officially recognized by “FAJR International Theater Festival”. With directing credits for more than 8 plays, Milad has performed in over 50 plays in Iran, Turkey, and the US. His acting credits include 3 feature films; Dar Shahr Khabari Nist, American Mamal, and his latest film Silver Carnation.

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