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About Us


Royal Knight Productions

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Founder and CEO Roy Sartipi started his film and television career more than 30 years ago when he was introduced to longtime producer Ron Lavery. Impressed with Roy’s work, Ron hired Roy as a special effects coordinator on the film Terror in Beverly Hills where the relationship continued and the two began distributing films worldwide.  With a vast range of talents, Roy continues his work as an accomplished screen writer and director, and is considered a valuable asset to any production, bringing together some of the best production teams in the industry. Roy is excited with his current project Mikhake Noghreie (Silver Carnation).

  Our Production Team
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Kelli Lessie - Producer

Kelli developed a love of the movie industry when she saw Star Wars. She wanted to work in production but talent agents encourage her to work in front of the camera. Kelli started appearing in commercials and television, including Simon and Simon, Amazing Stories, and more recent films Q For Death/Seat of Justice, Mae, and the online TV series We’re Not Friends.  Her creative thinking and problem-solving ability set her on a path to producing. Kelli says  "I love bringing stories to life!" Kelli produced the award-winning short film Sign of the Dragon and recently worked with Deverett Media Group as an associate producer on the feature film Full Out 2 on Netflix.


Scott Leslie - Cinematographer-Editor

With over 20 years of experience, Scott Leslie is a respected award winning cinematographer, editor and occasional director. Scott has shot and edited hundreds of commercials, several films, pilots and documentaries. The award-winning short film Sign of the Dragon was produced and directed by Scott.  Recently, Scott served as cinematographer on Alpha Wolf, a feature film starring Casper Van Dien; cinematographer and editor for both feature films ISM and the Netflix's Full Out 2.

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Mark Anthony Coger - Cinematographer

Mark is a filmmaker based out of Pasadena, California with ten years working experience in video production.  He developed his passion for film and video during his high school years while living in northern Japan.  Shortly after he moved to Southern California, he obtained his degree in filmmaking at California State University Northridge.  For the past few years now, he has joined forces with National Geographic Expeditions as a wildlife filmmaker, taking him to exotic locations from the Galapagos Islands, Antarctica, and all the way up to the Russian Arctic while creating videos capturing unique wildlife behavior and remote landscapes.

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Peter Kelley - Line Producer

Peter has worked professionally as an acting coach, and a writer and director of film and theatre for over fifteen years. He is currently an on-set acting coach for both NCIS - LA (CBS) and DOLLHOUSE (FOX). As an acting coach, Mr. Kelley's clients include Chris O'Donnell, Eliza Dushku, Dane Cook, Spencer Grammer, as well as numerous on-air and public figures, and most of the crazed crew on HBO's Tourgasm bus. Mr. Kelley is also an award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker on his most recent film The Path Most Resistance.

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